Acai bowl is a meal of nutrition and elegance


Acai bowls are tropical, chilled parfaits on steroids. First, frozen acai pulp is mixed with different fruits and almond, soy or coconut milk. Then the thick creamy smoothie is topped with homemade granola and sliced nuts and lovingly adorned with fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, bananas and finally adorned with the truly opulent shavings of coconut. A gentle drizzle of honey adds a certain luster to the entire delightful deal.

For those of you who are just learning about the acai and its berry; the term acai bowl might sound somewhat obscure and perhaps ominous. From what you should now be able to discern, the fact is that the acai fruit is a treat that you will likely want not to depart from once you get to know it and try it.

The Acai Berry is an incredible nutritional break-through once hidden deep in the heart of the Amazon rain forest; from Westernized society for centuries, people are privileged now having opportunity to finally be introduced to the Acai Berry around the world.

“Try the pulp, they can make smoothies too.” There are a lot of Acai products to be found in the US, but most of them are loaded with sugar … “That’s why I like to make my own Bowl.” This nutritional trend is catching on.

When it comes to the acai bowl, the aspects of a healthy breakfast (the acai being considered a “super fruit,” loaded with antioxidants) can become secondary. This is not a story about a quick and easy breakfast (in fact, some acai bowls are quite time consuming to create – it is all about what you put into it). This story is about the option to create the loveliest, most colorful of breakfasts around. In short, the exquisite breakfast feast.

The acai berry benefit is not only from the acai bowl and its nutritional benefits from within the bowl; but, also the colorful visual benefit that is displayed in its overall outward appearance for you to enjoy. From elegant cuisine to frozen and fast food shops the growing interest of the acai fruit is something we all might become accustomed to.

Acaci Bowl Star with bananas, blue berries, acai berries, strawberries and love A night life with Acai Bowl of sliced bananas, coconut, quartered strawberries, raspberries and flavor A bird's eye view of a delicious acai bowl of nutrition A night life with Acai Bowl


Delicious! I’m from San Diego, where acai bowls are, in essence, worshiped, and this place definitely lifts me up! The best part is that there are a lot of options. They have like 20 choices to choose from. It is awesome! Will drop in continuously! M.B. – San Diego CA

While visiting San Diego, I fell in love with a popular local snack: Acai bowls. Almost all the stores have them, and Smoothie; they’re a delicious way to provide protein and simple carbs for your body when they are needed most. F.L. – Phoenix AZ

Finding an acai bowl NYC is where you’ll find me. Despite relating to the “Big Apple” I consider the acaiberry the “Big Fruit”. Eating fresh fruit, particularly berries, and loading a bowl with these nutritional foods is the way to go. In the morning, for lunch or at supper time; any time is a good time to furnish our bodies up on what our bodies really need. R.L. – New York NY

There is 15 different available Bowl options, plus smoothies and snacks. Bowls are a type of sorbet, a tasty treat/meal. The shop is a little boring inside; but, you don’t come for the ambiance you come for bowls that are delicious. The service can be a bit slow at times (likely because they’re busy and it takes time to make up the bowls); but, well worth the wait. Try it (acai bowls), you want to know. U.G. – Boston MA

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